New Office Professionals Learning Track

Classified Office Professionals have a unique skill set that requires diplomacy, critical thinking, database management and reporting, and customer service.  To help hone those skills, the Classified Staff Training and Development Advisory Council (CSTDAC) is pleased to announce a new Office Professionals Learning Track.

Designed by HR Professional Development utilizing an online curriculum, this Learning Track focuses on the needs and interests of Office Specialists 1 & 2, and Administrative Program Assistants.  We encourage anyone interested in improving their skills in these critical business areas to take advantage of this great opportunity.

The training curriculum can be found on UO Professional Development site:

This professional development offering is the direct result of feedback provided in the recent survey CSTDAC conducted.  This is just the first effort to put valuable input into action with more to come.  The survey results will soon be posted on CSTDAC’s web site (, so check in occasionally for updates.

Jody Bleisch, CSTDAC Chair

If you have questions or are interested in participating in CSTDAC, please contact Jody Bleisch ( for more information.

NOTE: Employees who would like to take these courses during their regular working hours must receive prior approval from their supervisor consistent with the SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement.Time spent taking these courses is unpaid unless required and assigned by a supervisor.

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