Mission Statement

The Classified Staff Training and Development Advisory Council’s mission is to focus on the training and development needs of classified staff, ensuring access to training opportunities that help them succeed in their role, and to advise administration of improvements that may be needed.


In conjunction with Human Resources, the CSTDAC was formed in 1994 as a result of concerns shared by classified employees. After much discussion, the core members (Laverne Norman, Marlene Koines, Risa Haberman, Kathy Cooks, and a few others) determined that classified employees were experiencing difficulty in getting job training to keep up with technology, supervisory skills, personal and professional development. As a result, they were unable to enhance their job skills, and felt that made it nearly impossible for them to qualify for promotions. Prior to CSTDAC request, classified staff did not have access to the supervision trainings offered by Human Resources, everyone did not have the option to have email, computer access or a place (in-box) to receive campus mail.

Over the years the Council has supported and offered surveys, trainings, noon hour discussions, the bi-annual Classified Staff Meeting with the President, an annual ice cream social, a scholarship, etc. In addition to being instrumental in the creation of the Classified Staff Twenty-five Years of Service Luncheon and the university wide Classified Staff Years of Service, we also support several recognition programs on campus. CSTDAC is open to suggestions of new programs that focus primarily on training, personal and professional development, recognition and/or ways to improve our current activities.

We would like to encourage you to join the Classified Staff Training and Development Advisory Council or volunteer at one of our sponsored activities. Feel free to speak to a member at any of our sponsored activities or contact us at cstdac@uoregon.edu for further information.

Membership: To join CSTDAC or volunteer at a sponsored activity, please complete and submit the membership application on our website. We invite you to sit in on one or more of our meetings if you are considering membership. The bi-monthly meetings are typically held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month, from 12-1:30 pm. Send an email to cstdac@uoregon.edu to verify the dates, times and locations of meetings and sponsored events.

The bi-annual President’s Meeting with Classified Staff takes place in the Spring and Fall Terms of each academic year. At those meetings, classified staff and university senior administrators use this opportunity to meet and discuss topics that are pertinent to the campus community. Supervisors are asked to grant release time to classified staff so they can attend these important meetings with university administrators and colleagues. Light refreshments are provided.